Kubota V2203 engine parts diagram
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We have developed Japanese Kubota Engine Piston models as follows: D1462-DI, F2302-DI, F2803-B, V3300-B, V3300-B. V3300-DIE, V3300-TIE,D662-B, D722-B, D850-B, D905-B, D950-B, D1005-B, D1102-B, D1105-B, D1302-B,D1402-B, D1403-B,D1503-B, D2503-B, F5803-B, V1200-B, V1205-B, V1305-B, V1405-B, V1502-B, V1505-B, V1512-B,V1702-B,V1902-B, V1903-B, V2003-B, V2203, V2203-B, V2203-DI, V2403,V2403M, V4000-1A, V4300-3A, V4702,Z482-B...
Kubota V2203 engine parts diagram

Kubota V2203-B engine parts diagram


Details for Kubota V2203-B engine parts of piston:

1.OEM No.: 16427-21110

2.Dia: 87
   GL: 80
   KH: 44.5

   Pin Dia: 25
   Length: 64


More details for Kubota V2203-B piston ring, cylinder liner, engine bearing, valve and so on:

1.piston ring: 

2.5HK 2.0 5.0

OEM No.:

2.cylinder liner: 87X140

3.OEM No. for main bearing:ML2201

4.OEM No.for con rod bearing: 17311-2231-0

5.OEM No. for IN Valve: 33.4  8  102.1

6.OEM No.for EX Valve:  28.4  8  102.2


Guarantee for our products:

1.we strictly adhere to the GB1148-82, JB3932-85 Criterion

2.100000km guaranteed.

3.send sample for checking before delivery.


We can supply the following engine parts for most of vehichles:

1.piston (pin & circlips)

2.piston ring

3.cylinder liner

4.engine bearing

5.valve (seat & lifter & shim & guide)

6.gasket (cylinder head & full gasket kit)

7. con rod



For construction machine engines, we have the following engine models:


3TNE84, 3TNE88, 4TNE88, 4TNA94, 4TNA98, 4TNV98


D1462-DI, F2302-DI, F2803-B, V3300-B, V3300-B. V3300-DIE, V3300-TIE


N844, N844L, N844T


3AE1, 3KB1, 3KC1, 3KC2, 3KR1, 3KR2, 3/4LB1, 3/4LC1, 3LD1, 4FB1, 4FC1, 4FD1, 4FE1, 4FG1, 4FG1T, 4JB1, 4JG2, 4LE1, 4LE2, D201


4D94, 4D94E, 4D95A, 4D95K, 4D95LE-3, 4D95LE, 4D95S, 4D95T, 4D98E, S4/6D95T, 4D105-3, 4D120, 4D130, 6D105-1, 6D105,

6D155, S6D95, S6D102, S6D105-3, S4/6D105-5, S6D108, S6D108, S6D110-2, S6D110-3, S6D110, S6D125, S6D140, S6D170, NH220, NH250


WL B2500, S2 E2200, XA E2500, XB E2700, HA E3000, XA T2500, HA T3000, VS T3000, T3500, SL T3500, TF T4000, ZB T4100, TM T4500


4DQ5, K3B, K3F, K3H, K3M, K4C, K4D, K4E, K4E-DI, K4F, K4H, K4M, K4N, K4Q, 4DQ7, L3C, S3E, S3L2, S4E, S4E2, S4F, S4L, S4L2,

S4L2-T, S4Q2, S4Q2-1, S4S, S6E2, S6KT, S6SD


BD30, H20, K21, K25, SD22, SD23, SD25, TD23, TD25, TD25T, TD27, TD27T


1DZ-2, 1DZ, 1Z, 2H, 2J, 2Z, 2Z-N, 12Z, 13Z, 14Z



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